3 latest instagram topics you should roll out for your brand

The current covid-19 pandemic has increased the amount of time we are seeing users on social media. People want their content right now, people need instant gratification from the content they consume, and it's up to you to hold up your end of the bargain.

A method to continually offer engaging content, is by staying up to date on all the latest social media trends.

Support Small Businesses

Users can now add the “support small businesses” sticker to their stories and mention a brand directly.

This pulls the viewers attention and draws the eye of the viewer; this not only acts as a signal boost. The viewer gets a preview of your own feed (giving a push to click and visit your profile) and also these stories are added to a shared story featuring similar content.

This method is a great way to expand your organic reach. Make sure you keep an eye out for these, and try and promote your own small business partners with this tool too. 

Share Live Videos to IGTV

We’re now able to share live videos directly to IGTV after they’re done recording.

Previously, IG live videos could be uploaded as Stories, but would disappear after 24 hours and would be broken up into 15-second chunks. This would result in low performance and frustrating experience for users. 

Now live videos can be shared directly to IGTV once the live is over. IGTV usage has slowly been increasing, and it’s picking up steam. Take advantage of this, and make the most out of every Live you create, extending its life and boosting its reach and longevity at the same time.

Shops on Instagram

Instagram recently announced a new in app shopping experience on the platform: Instagram shops.

These shops are full-screen visual storefronts that make it very easy for businesses to sell products natively within the app.

Users can browse products, including viewing entire collections of grouped, similar products just as they would on a website. They can purchase through the in-app browser, so they’re never even leaving the app. It’s the ultimate convenience for customers and brands alike.

Instagram shops is free and very easy to use. Businesses that are currently using Facebook and Instagram shopping are eligible.