How Hydro Art Pod Helps You Grow Organic Fruits and Vegetables On Your Own Wall

“We want you to have an easy alternative to store-bought food and be able to say NO to all that commercially grown, treated food and instead of spending a fortune for organic produce, just grow in your home!” - Aline Pate

Switching to organic fruits and vegetables can be tough, especially if you’re living in a hot climate, or don’t necessarily have the ‘green thumb’ of a gardener. This is the story of HydroArtPod, created by mum of two, Aline, who wanted to harvest her own produce without compromising the health of her family and make gardening accessible to everyone, no matter where they live.

What is HydroArtPod, Really?

The HydroArtPod provides an easy way to grow, monitor, and harvest your own produce. Seeing the gap in the market, Aline wanted to be able to give her family organic produce that wasn’t overpriced and easy to grow from home.

This is how the HydroArtPod was born.

Acting as a wall hanging, it fits well into virtually all homes, while also adding an element of style to your space. It is completely app-connected, allowing you to monitor your plants’ health and nutrition levels easily from your smartphone. You can also stay connected to the growing community, and get really useful advice on how to grow your plants.

How Does it Work?

Aline has found a way to seamlessly merge gardening and technology.

The HydroArtPod contains smart sensors, an integrated water tank, drop in seedpods, pre-dosed plant food and a water steriliser, giving gardening from home an all-new meaning while making it even easier to manage. You can grow up to thirty plants at once and have the option to harvest the entire plant or use just a few leaves. With the HydroArtPod, you can grow fruits and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, lettuce, peas, a variety of herbs, and even pak choi and cucumber! Plus you can grow both edible and decorative flowers, right in your own home.

With hydroponic farms becoming increasingly popular and utilised around the UAE in grocery stores such as Carrefour, it seems that this is the future of farming. Now, consumers can choose to build their own hydroponic farm at home, or purchase a pre-built one.

Aline and her husband, Richard, supporting her with the HydroArtPod, believe in local production and “feeding our loved ones with homegrown fresh vegetables and reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation”

To find out more about Hydro Art Pod and buy your own, visit their website Hydro Art Pod or head over to their Instagram @hydroartpod