Advanced social media advertising in dubai provides the practical tools and strategies required to successfully navigate social networks, leverage social tools, and capitalize on their powerful word-of-mouth lift. It also offers expert guidance on how to define goals and measure these interactive marketing efforts against the goals.

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Social Selling
Leverage social selling within your business to drive results. This course looks ahead to the changing social and sales/marketing landscape.
Social Media Marketing in Dubai
Text Copywriting
Attend this best-selling copywriting course and create compelling social media copy and blogs that engage, encourage shares, drive conversation and prompt action.
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Tool & Tactics
Two highly practical, hands-on days that give you the skills, tools and confidence to create and execute the very best social media strategy for your business.
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Learn to create a results-driven social media strategy that’s effective, measurable, accountable and contributes to the long-term success of your business.


Social media is probably one of the biggest things to affect marketing since the birth of the internet. You’re probably familiar with many social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, but did you know how useful they are as a way of marketing your brand? While the benefits are many, these channels require careful handling. Want to get ahead? You’ll need social media training.

  • Current Trends and Application of Social Media Marketing
  • How To Understand Your Market With Simple and Low Cost Tools
  • The Most Effective Social Media Strategy
  • How To Enhance Your Marketing with Social Network
  • Micro-Blogging and other Social Media Tools
  • How To Maximize Online PR for Your Business
  • Effective Approaches To Look Out For Negative Publicity